Living life as a creative is the way I transmit love into the world.

Be it painting, writing, or teaching, the act of using my creative gifts in a way that spreads beauty, a bit of wonder, and the keys to living a fascinating life is my calling. Being raised in the deep south impacted my creative path in huge ways and the Land of ARdithian resonates how that journey evolved through my imagination. 

If you found me through viewing my EXPANDORENDATIVE SOLO SHOW in Fairhope, Al. or my Red Energy Sports Art Show, welcome! There are many more figures and abstracts here for your viewing, so message me if you have questions or need prints!

Below are two links to my main body of work and the portal to working with me through classes or consultations. In the menu located in the upper right hand corner you will also find the pathway to my bio, my archives, and more importantly my art journals and blog. There is a lot to dive into here and I hope your visit to The Land of Ardithian leaves you longing for more. 

To purchase any of the artwork you see here contact me through my contact form or email me at