Welcome to the teaching hub for Ardithian arts! 

A visit here could mean a few different things:  

1. You are curious about what I have to offer. Welcome!

2. You are seeking help as a writer, a painter, a creative of some sort and are looking to increase your creativity and skill sets for your craft.

3. You are a fellow teacher looking to collaborate with me or you are looking to host a workshop in your area....yay, I love that too!

4. You are looking to book teaching artists at your venue. 

Before you dive into what I offer and the deets that go with that, I want you know a bit about my teaching style and background first, to see if we are a good fit. 



The really important stuff - 

I dig creativity, like I live, breathe it, and practice it every single day. I teach how to do that too. 

I paint...a lot. Daily practice and study are essential to my craft, so I walk the talk as a full time artist. I teach how to do that too. 

Life fascinates me. All of it. As a creative, I use my senses and empathic gifts to view the world through my own set of lenses. They are full of wonder, they connect with emotions and the process of moving through a journey, and they help me know how to teach in a way that is different from other teachers. Some find this really helpful. 

I taught creative writing to kids and to teachers who teach kids before I taught myself to paint. Storytelling is engrained in how I see the world, it opens my mind to the story of objects and ideas, systems and patterns, and the ins and outs of odd, interesting, and wonderful. I teach how to tap into that, because it is important, especially for creatives. 

I must create, I must teach....sometimes at the same time. I love doing it, I was called to do it, and I absolutely love finding folks who want me to show them how to build on to their own creative skill sets as well, from kids, to big kids, to beginning artist, to professional full time artist. I....love...teaching ya'll! 

The Other Important Stuff - 

I have a Masters in Education....which taught me how to teach, little ones to big ones.

I am a National Writing Fellow ....which taught me how to write....better, for little ones and big ones.

I founded a gallery and partnered with 7 other female artists....which taught me buckets about galleries, and sales, and marketing, and business. 

I am an autodidact....especially when it comes to the study of art...and teaching art...and reaching people...and spreading that knowledge forward. 

I have been painting and studying how to paint for 14 years....it is a beautiful way of life. 

I Am a problem solver.....which means I was gifted with this super power to see what needs to be altered, and know ways to teach you to alter it. That comes in really handy when working with clients who are stuck. Stuck is no fun....nope. 

Creativity is the way I transmit love in the world....so when I teach it, I am teaching a bit about loving ourselves and this life we share. 

Last but not least - I am deeply committed and passionate to who and what I teach, so if you are of the mindset that you are ready to get your creativity on and up your game as one who creates in your own, unique and powerful voice, then we might just hit it off really well. 



If you are looking for a class or teacher to show you how to find short cuts around being the most amazing creative you were meant to be, I am most likely not your gal. 


All that leads me to this - if my ways about the world resonate with you, then click here to view all of my current offerings. If you have inquiries about having me work one on one with you in your own studio or are seeking to host me for an art workshop, use the form below to reach me with that fabulousness! 




Every person walking this planet is creative. They simply must give their inner child permission to help them remember what that looks like.
— Ardith Goodwin


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