As I am finalizing the details of all of the workshops I am teaching in 2019, I wanted to go ahead and announce this one, held at Kara Bullock’s studio in Tustin, because it is the only one on the west coast! To read all about it and register GO HERE!

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2018 in person workshops


My in person workshops are a bit different than the norm in that I guide and teach you to use your own perspective, experience, and inspirations as a jumping off point for what you paint, rather than offering a demo or style to copy. Teaching painters the skills and techniques for pulling from their own well source helps them build muscle memory and confidence in the path to finding their own artistic voice. It is important for me, as an educator, to show you how to grasp the full range of what you are capable of creatively, and lead you to the skills and techniques you need to be successful. 

From young painters to older painters, my classes are designed to give you a fun, welcoming environment to learn the fundamentals so that you leave with a stronger foundation to build upon, but have a riot of a time doing so.  I do want you to understand the importance of why those fundamentals matter when they are bridged with your experiences though, so in between a lot of laughter, learning takes place. I also moved into an amazing new chapel studio where these workshops happen!



For more established painters, my workshops and consultations are designed to give you deeper insight into how and what you are currently painting, as well as identify specific goals you wish to reach in mastering the craft of painting and creative expression. Being approachable and knowledgeable is my pledge as a teacher, which comes from my full time practice of painting and study myself. Sharing that knowledge and guidance with other painters who have chosen our field as an occupation is part of how I give back with service and love. You can read MORE ABOUT WHAT IT'S LIKE TO TAKE A WORKSHOP WITH ME HERE!



From one day painting experiences to 5 day workshops, I offer a large range of classes and workshops for Creatives at any level. I also offer one on one consultations and studio visits for the professional artist needing a bit of personal guidance on the business end or private lessons. 



Mastery of Craft is my quintessential full time working artist's workshop. It is an opportunity to bring your skill set to a workshop with other artists who are actively engaged in making a living as an artist. We dive in to our personal body of work, we challenge one another to understand why we paint the way we paint, and we push each other forward toward new points of view and an increased technical skill set based around developing a professional work of art. Most importantly, we set several professional goals and create action steps to getting those goals met in two areas: artistically and in business.  If you are looking to push your professional practice much further, this is the workshop for you.

The Four day workshop comes with all supplies included except for specialty supplies, artistic and business action plans,  and a catered lunch with a light breakfast. $850

The Three day workshop comes with all supplies included except for specialty supplies, a light breakfast each morning and lunch one of the three days. $600

Message me at ardithgoodwin@gmail.com to make sure this workshop is a good fit in your world!



2018 aquamedia.jpg


Aqua media and Abstraction on Paper is a works on paper abstract workshop focusing on the use of watercolors, fluid acrylics, and glazing with a side of yummy texture. We will explore the different ways to prep paper, different types of paper, work with mediums, and push the layering process in a fluid, organic flow. Along with fluid pigments, we will use a variety of water soluble marking tools to push the abstraction of marks in authentic ways with a connection to symbols and compositions that are uniquely ours.



The Imaginative Face Workshop is one of my three day workshops where emotion, imagination, and expression in the face is our central focus. We explore the basic skills of proportion, contour sketching, loose sketching, and multiple poses and then push those skills toward playing with color, mixed media, and color theory in an individualistic way. We work on paper and on canvas, begin smaller and go bigger, and have a riot of a good time painting the face in imaginative ways with fluid and heavy body acrylics. As a pull out study, we spend some time fine tuning how to paint eyes, noses, and mouths in relation to mood as well!




3 Day Distortion - October 5-7, 2018 Donna Downey's STudio

Distortion is one of my newest workshops in 2018 and I am super excited to offer this mixed media acrylic workshop to explore the myriad of ways to distort the human face and figure. As a bridge workshop from my online class, this in person workshop gives us several days of considering not only how an artist distorts the form but why. We dive in to the techniques of segmentation, stretching, fracturing, repetition, morphing, and asymmetrical contrast. This workshop is for the Creative who really wants to push past ordinary, learn a great deal of options for distortion, and find which type of alterations fit their personality.

The Three Day workshop at Donna Downey's is all supplies included and it comes with catered lunches each day.




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For four days, we will dive into the practice and process of non-objective abstract painting. We will help each artist understand how to create from a place of point of view and intention, identify which marks are uniquely theirs, and work with visual expression and emotion. Through the process of using mixed media acrylics we will also explore the layering process and discover how it relates to what our point of view calls for.

Expression Live will be an experience that helps each artist identify, alter, and render a painting in their unique way, with their connection to expressive and dynamic techniques. We will model how to create abstract paintings using the fundamentals of art: line, color, composition, texture, and contrast. If you are one of those artists who has longed to figure out a way to paint with a deep connection to your own voice, with your own approach, then this is the workshop for you. All supplies will be included (with a set number of canvases) and a ticket to attend the Mobile Arts Council Throw Down Event where Ardith will be defending her throne and Shauna will be helping her save her crown!

September 19-22, 2018



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