To kick off the new year strong, The Distortion of Eyes and Noses is an intensive 4 week course with a focus on the face and a special emphasis on eyes and noses. We begin by first getting a solid understanding of how to draw and form those two features, then push our fundamental understanding with expression using line, color, and values. There will be two live teaching sessions each week through FB Live in our secret classroom and downloadable video content as well. If 3-D noses or expressive eyes are a struggle for you, or just capturing strong emotion and expression in the face, this course will be beneficial to you! Our mediums will be charcoal, watercolor, fluid acrylics and a bit of mixed media. The course is $150 and you can register below!


This class is full! Stay tuned, offering it again in 2019



This 4-Week intensive online course introduces us to the observation of line in our daily lives, how to identify and create lines of expression, and how to move from predictable, forced, and controlled lines to outrageous lines of energy, feeling, and confidence. Combining my Push Past Ordinary course with the daily practice of creativity, this course helps painters and thinkers alike approach line in an unexpected way with new lenses for experiencing them as creative tools of the trade. Two FB Live teaching sessions per week in our secret classroom, a dive into using our art journals for focused practice, and a sensible approach to brushwork give this course the best of both worlds for creatives and painters. If you can block of four weeks to devote to deep diving into line exploration and expression, the course will be transformative for you.

February 19-March 19th, 2019 This class is full.


MARCH 2019


This class is now closed!


MAY 2019



The Textural Line is a 4 week intensive online course exploring the use of 3-D textures in 2-D form. With a heavy technique emphasis, students will learn step by step use and construction of stitching, collage, skins, gesso textures, and hand made stencils with application on painted surfaces. The course contains 20+ downloadable videos as well as 2 hours each week of live teaching instruction which is viewable up to a year. FB is required for our secret classroom but all written content will be delivered in PDF form. If you are looking to shift your 2D work with an organic, textural component with line emphasis, this is the course for you. (Live sessions will be on Mondays and Thursdays at 2 central, but you do not have to be present to participate.) Details and Supply List will be available upon registration.


One of the most influential mediums of my career was watercolor. I began with it 15 years ago and this summer I am coming full circle to offer a 4 week intensive online course focusing on aqua media and portraits. Using watercolors, acrylic fluids, and water soluble marking tools, we will gather and explore the structure of the face, tilt of the head, features of the face, and dramatic techniques using flow, contrast, and expressive mark making. You can work in either watercolor, acrylic fluids, or both and we will work on watercolor paper as our substrate. This course combines an intensive study of painting a portrait with the freedom and flow of watermedia.

Course comes with downloadable videos, 8 live teaching sessions, and printable PDF manual. (FB is required for Secret Classroom Enrollment)

July 1-August 2, 2019

Registration is $154


The questions I always get from every group of artists I teach is how to know when you are done with a painting, and also how to finish strong. They are the most challenging aspect for many artists, especially those developing their craft and often for the more skilled painter. This two week short course is a deep dive into the questions to ask, the actions to take, and the wisdom to tap in to so that you gain confidence in knowing if you are done, and more importantly, how to tackle what isn’t quite there yet.

For two weeks I will go live each day and teach a strategy lesson from the checklist I use with visual examples of done and not done and the insight to explain why. We will study paintings and critique them for areas of strength and weaknesses, and offer a few members the opportunity to get direct feedback on their work as class examples.

If you have ever struggled with the knowing, this course will definitely be one to help you conquer that illusive skill set. It is not a painting course per se, but it is one which will be chock full of painting steps to take to make our paintings shift to well done! FB registration is required for our Secret Group Membership and the live sessions will be viewable for an entire year.

August 19-Augst 30, 2019

Registration $130