Professional Study Workshops are design for the active painter who is currently working towards being a professional painter as an occupation or main investment career wise. This course is designed so that a small group of focused, established painters can come together, push their technical skills further, and have a deep dive into their business model and planning. There will be 24/7 access to the studio and supplies as well as built in experiences to expand our perspective on the technical and business sides of being a painter. The course will have no more than 5 students and is by application only.

Lunch is provided each day, a southern home cooked meal experience for dinner welcomes you to the deep south, and we visit and spend time learning from a local gallery owner to get a feel for the business side of the industry. Each day during lunch we gather with several local working artists as well. Cost for workshops, supplies, meals and 5 day teaching, $950.



Do you LOVE painting faces but feel stuck in a rut or are eager to push your skill set further? This course is designed for the painter who is need of reinforcing the strong fundamentals of expressive sketching of the portrait with the creative freedom of the mixed media process. We will study basic planes of the face, the front facing plane, 3/4 sketch, and how light source plays a big role in dramatic impact. We will also explore ways to manipulate expressions with line, loose marks, and a more organic, painterly feel. This is not an academic portraiture class but it will give you a strong basis of understanding so you can combine structure with imagination.

All painting supplies are included along with 140lb. watercolor paper in small to large sizes and 3, 18” by 24” deep canvas. Larger canvas will be available for purchase. This workshop comes with lunch each day and two non-host dinners in the evening. Class size limit of 6 and the course is $800.



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At our core of human experience we long for connection and expression. Painters who wish to learn how to further their practice of using color, line, space, texture, and pattern through the visual field will find this workshop to be a dive into what makes them tick. Not only will we spend a great deal of time and discussion on structure and composition, we will also approach the concept of how our own points of view as an artist impact our choice of technical application. From building our own marking tools to dissecting our personal connection with emotional layering and how colors serve our purpose. This workshop will be a dynamic experience for the week. If you would like a more detailed description message me at

All painting supplies are included along with 140lb. watercolor paper in small to large sizes and 3, 18” by 24” deep canvas. Larger canvas will be available for purchase. Class size limit of 6 and the course is $875.

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Move the Line....Further is a four day intensive workshop for established acrylic painters who have a desire to take their current work further. Often times, painters get a bit stuck in finding their way to move past predictable so this workshop will teach you thinking skills and action steps to help you break past that. 

 We will explore composition, contrast, distinct voice, complexity, and offer collaborative critique sessions so that the discussion of what makes work strong and impactful can be expanded. Artists can work in acrylic or mixed media, abstract or figurative, but must already have an established paint practice in place. 

Because I feel so passionately about distinct voice, I will be offering demos and instruction based around using tools differently, combined with unique ideas around subject matter, and how to execute those together on canvas or paper.

MTL...Further will also offer painters a time to discuss the business side of the industry with a look at marketing, goal setting, and professional reach. 

Workshop Dates - September 25-28th, 2019
Where - Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Time - 9-4 pm each day
Supplies - Some supplies will be provided. A complete list is sent with registration. 

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THIS COURSE IS FULL! Message me to get on the waitlist at