In between the spaces of my heart and my imagination is a land I call "The Land of Ardithian." It is filled with magical characters that are known and some that are illusive even to me. There is a knowing, a sense of connection that I feel with them as I view the world through their eyes and react to it. As each character comes to light a little more about the journey the Boy King takes is revealed, the mysteries that surround him and Arly unfold, and a fantastical tale begins to appear in the details of each painting.

The characters were created based on a framework of visual elements that tie into the role they each play. Some are loose and dynamic, full of marks that are difficult to contain and others are regal and exact with a play on texture and structure within the line. They are influenced a great deal from growing up in the south, in the woods, and along the gulf coast as well. 

As their stories are being written, the visual images of these characters leave an impact and help steer the plot in ways that can be predicted. Part of the fascination in the unknown is allowing the twists and turns of the story to reveal itself.

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