Red Energy - The Dynamic Movement of Competitive Sports is my new solo exhibition that embraces the power and passion of the human body in the midst of competition during sports. When I was younger I lived for sports, and when I was excelling I felt even more alive than I thought was possible. Sports, especially softball, baseball, and volleyball brought me great joy and instilled in me a love for all things competitive. When I was 23 I learned that my spine had a joint disease that was premature, and it resulted in my first back surgery. Over 20 surgeries and many years later, I had to give up the ability to play sports like I did when I was younger so I opted to paint my love of the sport....and most importantly my love for the power of how the human body moves dynamically. 

Each painting is meant to be an abstraction of the movement a player experiences, the speed, the twists, the endurance, and the agility that going above and beyond against a competitor entails. Through the manipulation of acrylic and mixed media on canvas, these paintings are celebrations of the power of the human body combined with the power of a passionate player. 

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